30 Day Squat Challenge

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[/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Welcome to our 30 day squat challenge! You will be doing everything from the basic squat to the sumo squats with toe raise. Over 30 days, you’ll be learning how to do six variations of squat exercises and be able to work up to about 100 squats a day!

Why are Squats Important for Women?

Squat exercises have a range of health benefits for women that go beyond simply toned legs, or a stronger and rounder butt.  

  1. It helps build the muscles throughout your entire body by making the body release hormones that are important for muscle tissue growth.
  2. It’s one of the best ways to lose weight because it burns the calories fast, and as you continue to build your body muscles, you burn even more calories!
  3. It reduces your chances of future injuries as the bending and stretching of your knees strengthens the joints.
  4. The muscular movement of the squat exercise improves the flow of liquids in your body and in doing so help with your body digestion.
  5. It enhances your circulation which means more blood and oxygen flows around to the vital parts of your body. With the increased circulation, you can say goodbye to cellulite.
  6. It improves your body posture and mobility by strengthening your core and legs muscles.


How to Squat

Not sure how to perform a squat exercise correctly? Don’t worry we’ve explained the six exercises that you’ll be doing over the next 30 days down below!

Basic squats

To perform the basic squat, start with your feet spread shoulder-width apart, and turn your toes slightly outwards. Before you start, check that your knees don’t extend over your toes, that you have a straight back and you have your chest up. Now lower your hips to the floor and bend your knees. Remember to keep all the weight in your heels!

So how low should you go? The rule of thumb is that you only go as low as you can while still being able to correctly follow the techniques above.

Squat pulses

Following on from basic squats, you should have the same technique. But this time when you lower into a squat, you pulse your hips up and down a few inches.

Squat jumps

For squat jumps, you start in a basic squat position before engaging with your core and using your arms for momentum when you jump up.

Sumo squats with toe raise

To do the sumo squats with a toe raise, you should stand with your feet about three to four feet apart and toes turned out. You squat down, raise your heels, put your feet back on the ground and then stand up all the way on your toes. 

Step-out squat hold

Start by standing with your feet together, then take a wide step out to the side and squat down as you hold it there for a few seconds. As you straighten the legs, step your foot back in.

Side Squat

For the side squat, stand with your feet two to three feet apart and have your toes and knees turned out slightly. As you put your weight to your right side, bend your right knee until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Remember to keep your left leg straight! Return to the standing position by pushing into your right heel.  

By the end of our 30 day squat challenge, you’ll see a positive change in your body and be a master of squats!

Don’t forget to drink your I ❤️ MY BODY  shake afterwards to get the best booty results!

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